I'm Ni, my Spanish skills are bad so I'm typing in English haha. But I can understand Spanish!!
I like to draw the 02 kids a lot. I'm too hyped for Kizuna and hoping for a digital release.
I'm enjoying the reboot/new universe for Adventure btw...

I need to draw more (all I do lately is write stuff)
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Holaaa Ni.

I hope you enjoy this site. I'm not seen the reboot yet because I want accumulate episodes to see them together jajaja.

You're welcome!!
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Whoa!! Hi Ni!! So nice to see you here! I hope you like the site uwu!
Hi, Ni. I hope you're enjoying the site.

As you may see, there are few topics. Sadly, our old database died, and many old topics went down with it. If you're searching for something specific, we may be able to help with that. Just ask.
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Alphamon, transform!

SRW T: All Final Attacks
Hi Ni!!!. Don´t worry about the language, and enjoy this nice place.
Nice to meet you! Gran sonrisa
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Hello Ni! I have read you on twitter  Smiley5
Welcome to the community.  Ete

My English is bad, but I do what I can, the language does not mean any barrier around here; hahahahaHave fun ~ Taichidek3

If you need help with something, let me know.

P.S. Zero Two kids are the best  and your avatar is love~ Miya
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